Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Got a comment (reprinted below) from someone posting under the name Douglas Muth... well worth reading the link is pretty informative too.

Shame on me for forgetting all the bad press over the Grade Changing Incident! Follow the link below to read more about it.

Please note- we welcome comments on other candidates and potential candidates running against Lisa Paolino for the PA Senate.

Douglas Muth said...
Heh. Awhile back, one of her supporters (or maybe it was *her*) threw a fit on Over what, you may ask?The fact that I tagged several articles over on with the tags lisa paolino sucks. This person got compeltely worked up over it, tried to tell me how I'm not allowed to criticize an elected official, and told me how I had better take those links down or else.Or else what? I have no idea, since nothing ever happened. Though it does show me that the Lisa Paolino camp is not above intimidation and bullying tactics when it comes to any sort of dissent.

The second post that was deleted

Wow, my comment on Lisa being the Katherine Harris of Pennsylvania Politics was deleted!!!!

Lisa do you note here that you only post positive comments?

To repeat- Lisa Paolino is fickle. After winning the last election by 1 or 2 votes she now immediately announces that she wants to be a State Senator!

No wonder her constituents are ambivalent about her. She is ambivalent about them!

She has been married numerous times and has had issues with numerous boyfriends. Normally I wouldn’t mention personal life but it is indicative of her inability to commit to and stick with something. And it is indicative of her failure to take responsibility. She is flighty and fickle and can't be trusted to commit to anything. She also has a habit of blaming others for her failures (remember the time she drove off the road into the creek bed at night a block from her house and blamed the road?- of course she waited a day to report it and blame the road. Wonder why?)

Her vaunted resume is mostly made up of titles given to her in Daddy's company- Mace Security International. Check out Mace on Yahoo (MACE) their share price is in the hopper recently at a 52 week low. ... They are having some issues.

The much lauded Motley Fool Newsletter has this to say about the management of Mace Securities-

“Hijackers on the inside
If you needed more reasons to stay away from Mace, you'll find them by browsing through an annual report and doing a quick search for the words "certain relationships." There you'll find a cornucopia of delights -- if you're into scary relationships and insider perks. Over the past few years, Mace Chairman, CEO, and President Louis D. Paulino Jr. -- who already earns $400,000 per year running a company with no earnings -- has, through outside firms, leased buildings, furniture, and even Learjet services to his own company. Deals like these ensured that Paulino benefited even while shareholders saw red ink at the bottom of the income statements.”

Was Lisa involved in this alleged questionable management? Who knows? But her websites tout her position at MACE and her vaunted fiscal responsibility.

To sum up…

Lisa has a questionable record of achievement, a questionable record of financial management, a habit of blaming others for her failures and an inability to stick to commitments.

Pennsylvania has better people. Pennsylvania deserves better people!

I was deleted!!!!

I was looking at Lisa Paolino's blog and decided to post a comment. FULL DISCLOSURE, I am not a fan of the politician Lisa Paolino. But hey, I'm still entitled to have a voice in the political discussion right?

Well, apparently not. Lisa Paolino or her campaign deleted my post. I reposted and they did it again! So I decided to launch this 'blog to open up the political discussion on Lisa Paolino's latest political ambitions.

I am firm believer in the First Amendment. No one will be censored here (pro or con). Your views are your own. And as such we will not censor or alter them in any way. This is a place for political discussion as such we suggest that you do not reduce the force of your argument by using profanity or making any type of threats... etc.

With that said, Let's go.....